Community tourism in San Juan La Laguna (full day)

This tour is focused on the customs and traditions of the Tzutuhil people of Lake Atitlan.  Your day begins with a boat ride from Panajachel to San Juan la Laguna to visit a textile cooperative, in which women weavers still preserve traditional methods of dyeing yarn with plants. You can also see the different ways to weave textiles.  Continue walking through the village and visit a garden with medicinal plants, which will explain the sustainable use of natural resources as a cultural aspect of San Juan still using old methods used for generations. Learn how plant essences are used to make creams, soaps and shampoo. To learn more about your personal energy, the elders discuss the sacred plants that balance your "Nawal" or Maya spirit.

Lunch with a local family is included.  After lunch tour a corn field.  The Mayan considered corn to be sacred and you will learn about their beliefs.  After the brief tour enjoy traditional snacks made with corn by local women.