Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

These tours are designed to show more closely the differences between the Kaqchikel and Tutujil cultures.  Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the region and its people still carrying wearing their authentic clothing that characterizes each surrounding village.

Tours can be collective with other tourists (fixed schedules and itinerary) or choose a private tour which gives you the opportunity to add to your itinerary a stop at Playa Dorada where you can take a swim. Each tour begins at your hotel in Panajachel or from Antigua (with private or collective transportation).


  • "San Marcos la Laguna, San Juan la Laguna and Santiago Atitlan" (Departure at 9am. Return 3: 30pm)
  •  "San Juan la Laguna and Santiago Atitlan" (Departure at 11am.  Return 3: 30pm)