Tikal Full day Tour

The city of Tikal "Place of Voices" is an archaeological gem that shows the greatness of the Mayan culture. Tikal possesses a magic that has captivated those who have visited.

This 1-day excursion will take you to its impressive pyramids, thereby providing an overview of the ancient Maya. The bilingual guide also explains about the archaeological details, flora and fauna of the surrounding jungle.
3-4 hour tour includes a visit to the Complex "Q" and "R", Temples I (The Great Jaguar, 150 ft high), II (From the Masks or Pyramid of the Moon, 165 ft), III (The High Priest, has the best preserved crest) and IV (from the Two-headed Serpent, is the highest 200 ft), Central Plaza, Lost World, and North Acropolis Center. If traveling to visit Tikal, a visit to nearby Yaxhá is also available.