Yaxha tour * does not include airfare Guatemala-Flores

Yaxhá has its own charm because of its location amid the LakesYaxhá and Sacnab and is near Tikal.  Walking its wide walkways make your visit very pleasant in the company of a variety of birds.  Its inhabitants were great observers of the sun and its inhabitants built a complex astronomical complex (Squares F and C) which still show their work to mark the position of the sun - especially the solstices and equinoxes - and thus had a better time control for the design of their agricultural calendar. The site has more than 500 structures, including 40 stelae, 13 altars, 9 pyramids, 2 ball game courts in addition to its network of sacbeob (roads).   Many artifacts including ceramic objects for ceremonial and use domestic have been recovered from the site.  

DAY TRIP: This morning we met you at the airport or your hotel to go to the third largest archeological site in Guatemala (after Tikal and El Mirador), impressive for the large number of structures close to each other, many of them built more than 15 centuries ago.

You’ll visit the Temple of the Red Hands, several ceremonial causeways, the ball court, the pyramid of sacrifices and more.

You’ll be transferred by boat to Topoxté, a seasonal island in Lake Yax-há, used for 3 millennia as a royal cemetery. Finally 6 centuries ago there was established a group of mysterious Mayans who built a miniature structures as if they were dwarfs.

There are high chances to see spider monkeys and howler monkeys.

14:00 Lunch at Restaurant "Portal de Yax-há".

16:00 Arrival at the hotel or the airport.