Copan, located just over the border in Honduras, are Mayan ruins where nature, culture and history are blended.  These impressive ruins transport your imagination to the time when Copan was at its height. The Ball Court was considered the social center of the city and the tradition of the ball game is important to the history of Mesoamerica. La Gran Plaza is famous for its steles and altars that decorate it. The Hieroglyphic Stairway is part of a great temple which contains the longest text that exists in the Mayan civilization. The Acropolis is divided into two main parts. In the Oriental Plaza there is the last masterpiece of King Yax- Pac, XI temple.  The other part holds the Museum of Mayan Sculpture and Las Sepulturas.  Besides visiting the ruins there are other activities in the area such as: ecotourism, horseback riding, visiting coffee farms, bird, hot springs and spas.