Is considered as the oldest historic downtown of Guatemala, where buildings are still monumental and classical style residential, historic monuments be appreciated including: Central Park, Espiritu Santo`s Cathedral, Casa de la Cultura (first worked piece), the Railroad Museum de los Altos, Passage Enriquez, City Hall.

The cold weather is ideal to have a hot cup of chocolate in evenings. Among its natural attractions are Chicabal volcano, in its crater is the Lagoon (same name) which is the main religious center of Mayan groups in the region, where concur with flowers, incense, pom, liquor, etc. to perform Mayan ceremonies; offering a beautiful landscape and peaceful atmosphere, its ascent is easy through paths making it a destination not to be missed.

Other natural destination are Georgina’s sources that beside its natural thermal baths and walk through the beautiful trails is a place where you can do bird watching, as its thick vegetation and cloud cover of forest create the right conditions to observe quetzals, toucans and other birds.  Xela like Antigua offers a wide variety of Spanish language schools is a great destination that can be combined to study and do adventure tourism and ecology. It also offers nightlife where you can taste national and international food and drinks.