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Tikal is located in the Peten jungle, referred to as the "Heart of the Mayan World." These ancient forests were witness to one of the most advanced civilizations that humanity ever had which we can see in the ruins and remnants that the Maya left. Tikal is a protected area, named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1979. In Tikal you have the opportunity to admire the majesty and craftsmanship of the temples within the​​virgin forest, which is a rich habitat for several species of flora and fauna. Spider monkeys, jaguars, toucans, parrots and many more animal fill the Tikal National Park with their sounds and ancient trees almost touch the clouds. In addition to Tikal, the Peten area offers the visitor a variety of eco-adventures and beautiful sunsets that make you imagination how life might have been thousands of years ago.  23 km (15 miles) from Tikal is the Maya Biosphere and the ruins of Uaxactun, which the Maya used as an observatory of the stars, moon and sun.   Another site of great importance in the area is “El Mirador”, where they discovered the temple of La Danta – a temple with the world's largest base of over 800 meters (2,625 ft) long. Other archaeological sites in the area include: Ceibal - its name refers to the huge Ceiba trees that are next to the Mayan structures; Yaxhá - where the famous Realty show "Survivor" was filmed. The Yaxhá lagoon and its three islands Cante, Paxte and Topoxte plus the ruins of Aguateca, Piedras Negras, Rio Azul and Nakum contribute to the archaeological and natural richness found in this northern Guatemalan jungle.